Prices are for guidance only. A detailed quote will be provided upon receipt of your document(s).  Translation Translation from German into English will be charged per project, with a minimum fee of NZD 40. The overall fee will take into account factors such as word count, complexity and degree of proofreading requested; for example, I … Continue reading Prices

Excerpt of article from magazine, showing printed text and including 'Translated by Hannah Burdekin'


If you have a German text that needs translating, you might be very clear about your budget and your deadline, for example. But as a professional translator, I am trained to consider a number of other important questions that arise at this point, such as: is a full translation of the whole text required, or … Continue reading Translation

Editing and Proofreading

Document editing is the process of getting text ready for publication, and involves checking a document for mistakes in spelling, grammar or layout, inconsistencies, omissions or other errors that can prevent your document making the best impression. Proofreading is a final check on quality after any editing has occurred. I provide both these services so that you can be sure … Continue reading Editing and Proofreading


Some styles of German handwriting, especially those pre-dating the mid-20th century, can be extremely difficult for the untrained eye to read. I have experience of reading manuscripts gained through my academic research and offer manuscript transcription, carried out either as a standalone service – when I provide you with a electronic file of the untranslated content – … Continue reading Transcription