About me

For me, translation is a little like tackling a particularly difficult cryptic crossword where there are many possible solutions to each clue: it’s challenging, but very satisfying when you find the meaning that fits the context.

Picture of HannahUltimately, translation is about communication. Having excellent skills in a foreign language and knowledge about the country in question and its culture isn’t enough to guarantee a successful translation. For that, you need a translator who can also communicate the meaning and style of the original in well-written, natural-sounding English.

My qualifications and experience allow me to offer advanced skills in German and the highest quality written English. Because I want to provide you with the best service possible, I am always working on improving my skills and knowledge by attending courses, workshops or webinars and keeping up to date with developments in translation and my subject areas.

My qualifications

I have:

As a member of the NZSTI and the ITI, I adhere to the high standards of conduct, practice and competence set out in the organisations’ respective Codes of Professional Conduct.

My experience

I have:

  • ongoing experience of working with direct clients and agencies in New Zealand and Europe to provide translation and transcription services
  • excellent feedback from satisfied clients
  • worked as a tutor at the University of Auckland, teaching German language and German translation courses
  • worked as a proofreader for one of the UK’s largest technical and patent translation companies
  • 10 years’ experience at the UK Department of Health, writing ministerial speeches, briefings and departmental reports
  • had my doctoral thesis published in book form and written other academic articles for publication.