Translation from German into English

Medical • Academic • Cultural & Historical

Muse Translation is run by Hannah Burdekin, a qualified professional translator from the UK. I offer translation from German into English and specialise in academic and medical texts, and content relating to European history and culture.  I also offer document transcription and editing services.

A good translation depends on the technical skills of the translator, but it also needs something else: a dash of inspiration to make the words of the translated text truly come alive and communicate with the reader. I chose my company name, Muse Translation, to represent the combination of translation and inspiration.

If you need:

  • translation of German language content into accurate, natural-sounding, fluent English
  • transcription of handwritten German texts
  • editing and/or proofreading of English language content

then please contact me for a quotation.

Whatever you want to communicate, your text will benefit from my research skills, attention to detail and way with words.

‘The translation was perfect; the client was ever so pleased, so thank you so much. You really are a life saver.’

Project manager, specialist life sciences translation agency

‘I just thought I’d pass on the very positive feedback I got from the person needing the clinical study translations, he was very impressed with the quality of the translations and he found that in particular the long legal document was very skilfully rendered (and he used to be a professor at Leicester University so his English is very, very good).

Well done!! I couldn’t expect less from a brilliant translator such as yourself.’

Project manager, specialist life sciences translation agency

‘What a wonderful translation! Perfect for our publication. Many thanks!’

J. Bade, Emeritus Professor, University of Auckland

‘Thank you very much for the excellent translation, it’s wonderful.’

Susanne Costa, translator

‘Thank you for this very tidy transcript. I’m so excited to read it.’

G. White, researcher